Top Mistakes People Make to NOT Get Instant Credit Card Approval

If you are filling out a credit card
application online, hoping to get instant credit card approval, you
could be risking disapproval if you make the following mistakes:

Instant Credit Card Approval Pitfall
#1: Mistyping important identifying information
. Be careful that
you type your information correctly. Many instant credit card
approval applications are denied because the information doesn’t
line up with what they already have on record.

Instant Credit Card Approval Pitfall
#2: Skipping sections on the application.
Put in all of your
information. There are no short cuts to instant credit card approval!
You need to make sure that your employment information is accurately
stated because that will be a determining factor in whether or not
they will approve you.

Instant Credit Card Approval Pitfall
#3: Asking for too much
. If you are requesting a specific card or
a certain credit limit or interest rate, you might be declined if the
amount you are asking for doesn’t match your risk profile (as
determined by the credit card company). It is far easier to start
small and slowly work your way up to a larger credit limit and to
lower interest rates.

Instant Credit Card Approval Pitfall
#4: Not having your information handy.
Many online applications
have timed out without the applicant realizing it while they are
searching through their records to find a pay stub or a previous
address. Keep this from happening by gathering your information ahead
of time.

Instant Credit Card Approval Pitfall
#5: Lying about your income.
Of course your income plays a role
in how much credit the credit card company is willing to give. And
there are lots of people who stretch the truth slightly in the hopes
that it will increase their chances to get a credit card. However,
bureaus have a pretty good idea of what you are making based on a
number of factors and this could come back to haunt you, either now
or in the future.

If you want an instant credit card
approval, avoid these 5 common mistakes and you’ll increase your
chances for faster approval times!

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