Trading in a Bear Market with Your IRA Account

The tax code has discouraged trading during bear markets in IRAs.  Shorting stocks has not been allowed.  Even in regular accounts trading in bear markets has been discouraged. During huge market falls,  up tick rules prevent short sales.  After 9/11,  and the recent bank debacle, many journal articles described shorting the market as being un-American.

In the market crash of 2008, most investors had only two options – lose most of your equity praying the market would reverse, or not participating by sitting on the sidelines.  Unfortunately, most people just rode the market down, hoping for a bottom.

Over the past 10 years,  the market has been in a down trend.  Most investors in mutual funds have seen their assets dwindle.  Fortunately, however, the SPXTimer has been bearish during the times when one should be bearish, and bullish when the market was bullish.   The difference in results is stunning.

The rules for success in a bear market are the same as those in a bull market:   

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