Two Different Express Merchant Services Designed to help the Business Entrepreneurs


Most business owners operating business online have a common belief about the express merchant services from AMEX in comparison to other companies such as VISA and MasterCard. However, this belief might be right in case you are failed to get the optimized payment services from this company. There are certain packages and options for the business entrepreneurs from this company. They have two completely different pricing packages for their partners. You have to research about both these options from this company and pick the right one up that suits your demands and business services.First package is associated with a generic package name called as Discount Rate. In this, there are no annual or monthly fees. If you are ready for online account management and handling, you won’t even have to pay any transaction fee. What you have to pay is a small percentage of each transaction made through a credit card branded AMEX. For these services, you can apply online directly to get the quote online. This is one of the most favorite express merchant services among the people of the world.Most business owners are very keen about the other express merchant services provided by AMEX. Another option is very popular to the leading business entrepreneurs around the world. This one is named as 0% discount rate with a flat fee. In this case, you will be a business case who is receiving less than $5K each year through AMEX cards. With this payment-processing plan, you will need to pay a flat $5.95 as a monthly fee. You don’t have any discounts available and you don’t have to pay anything for the transactions associated with percentiles. Companies who are not processing AMEX payments frequently like this option very much and the newer companies also start their business with this package.

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