Uncovering the Secrets of Successful Volusion eCommerce Sites

That’s great for small businesses that can now get easier access to customers than ever before, but it means the market is more crowded than ever. How can you make sure you stand out in the crowd? A good Volusion web designer, like the ones at 1Digital Agency, can help take your eCommerce site above and beyond so that customers not only make it to your site but stick around to buy something.

Showcase Your Brand Without the Clutter

The look of your web store is the vehicle that conveys the personality and vision of your brand. Whether you describe yourself as industrial, artisanal, technological, or something else altogether, there is a combination of colors, fonts, and photos to convey your brand as soon as a customer hits your front page. A professional Volusion web designer can keep you from adding too much content to an individual page on your site. Busy pages with too many colors can confuse customers and increase load times, making shopping on your site more trouble than it’s worth. What’s more, certain features like splash pages may interfere with the ability of search engines to direct customers to your store. A Volusion web designer has the expertise to work with you to create an on-brand visual theme and determine what design features would work best to highlight your products in order to maintain a clean design.

A Web Designer Makes Your Volusion Site More Than Just a Pretty Face

While a clean, aesthetically pleasing page will draw your customers in, it won’t do you any good if they can’t find what they’re looking for and easily purchase it. Some common pitfalls of eCommerce site design are:

?    Hiding Product Information: Many customers like to be able to do at least a basic comparison of products before purchasing, but don’t want to have to click through several pages. One solution is adding product summaries to catalog pages so customers can decide if they want to explore more. You can also offer different methods of sorting products, such as by price or reviews, to make navigating a purchase more efficient.

?    Insufficient Menus: Especially if you have a more complex catalog of products for sale, an easily accessible menu with understandable categories is crucial. A Volusion web designer can even help you insert fly-out and drop-down menus that are easy to find but don’t clutter the page when the customer isn’t using them.

?    Hiding the Shopping Cart: The pursuit of aesthetics can make it harder for customers to complete their purchase if it means they can’t easily find the “add to cart” button or keep track of what they have already added. If you make accessing the shopping cart clear on all pages, customers will be less likely to lose track of what they want to buy.

If you reach out to 1Digital AgencyArticle Search, our team of Volusion web designers will be able to help you avoid these problems and create an attractive and easy to use web store. Contact us today for a quote and to learn more about the services we offer

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