Understanding Common Small Business Law


Small business Law in a nutshell dictates the relationship between businesses amongst themselves and with other entities that they interact with. These entities can be clients, employees, governing authorities or the general public. Basically, the main objective of these laws is to ensure that entrepreneurs focus on growing their businesses and achieving their organizational objectives and not spending precious time in solving disputes. Thus, to prevent unnecessary time wastage on conflicts, these business laws incorporate dispute resolution mechanisms as well as penalties to be meted in case there is a breach. Since your business is heavily dependent on small business law for its existence, it is important that you come to speed with these laws so that your operations can be smooth each and every day. In addition, these laws help you to avoid getting into conflict with other parties. The main business laws that are going to affect your business in one way or the other are four. They include the following:Trademark law – This law profoundly affects your business because it deals with the trade name that your business uses. It is important that you get acquainted with this law so that you do not use another person’s business name. In this regard, the small business attorney Houston will help you conduct a search for a name that is unique. This way you can build your brand without other people contesting your business name.Contract law – Understating this small business law is important because your business is going to sign a contract sometime. Even if your business operates with the least amount contact with other entities, you must sign a contract with authorities and governmental bodies that regulate your type of business. In addition to the mandatory laws to be signed, there are also other agreements that you are going to sign either during start up or when operating. Such agreements are binding and have far reaching consequences in case you breach. A small business attorney Houston will therefore explain to you the laws or defend you in a court of law in case there is a lawsuit against you.Intellectual property law – this small business law protects you in case someone is trying to use, distribute, and impersonate your brand or product unlawfully. This law allows you to take legal action against such individuals. In case of such infringement, your small business attorney Houston will listen and carefully gather all the required evidence before instituting a lawsuit. This law ensures that your hard work and effort is preserved and honored.Tax laws – taxes are remittances that are made to governing authorities like national government or local councils. It is through taxes that these bodies are able to earn revenue to manage their operations. While paying tax is mandatory, it is important to understand the taxes that you need to pay. This is because there are many types of taxes that are paid; some statutory while others are imposed on property, land and goods and services. Your small business attorney Houston should explain to you the taxes that you need to pay and those that you don’t need not to pay. The same lawyer will also come in handy in case you have a tax lawsuit. In such a case, he or she will work on an out of court settlement so you can proceed with business uninterrupted.

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