Union Plus Credit Card Review

Cardholders have different needs, so they have a wide selection of Union Plus Credit Card types such as Union Plus Classic Card, Union Plus Platinum Card, Union Plus Secured Card and Union Plus Travel Corporate Card. All these types have worked out special programs to suit every user’s lifestyle. Attractive fact for any cardholder is that it has no annual charges, which helps you to save more money; it can be a serious relief for most of you. Union Plus Credit Card also offers you convenience of repayment, it provides you with 25 days grace period for paying your credit purchases. Herewith, if you suffer from financial difficulties, you can skip your payment, which is actually an easy action; you can use this chance twice a year. Additionally, you have 24-hour personal service and 100% fraud protection – if you have any questions, you can easily get answers; if your Union Plus card has been stolen or misused and it shows some unusual activity, you’ll be protected from all these problems, as long as HSBC takes fraud really seriously. If you are a Union Plus Platinum cardholder, you can get even more purchasing features like price protection – when you find a lower price of purchase only within 60 days, you will get your money back, of course, on the difference; and purchase assurance – you will be insured against damage or theft of your items for 90 days after purchasing them. Noticeable is that Union Plus Travel Corporate card is only for leaders using the card for union businesses. And a little more about Union Plus Secured Card – it is perfect for members who work to rebuild or launch credit. It has a better deal than other secured credit cards often charged with high fees.

One of the most striking features of Union Plus Credit Card are numerous money saving discounts on different services like home improvement services – energy savings, home heating oil, discounts on Dell computers, AT&T Wireless discounts; car buying services; entertainment and gift discounts such as movie and park tickets, flower services, clothing, health club discounts; pet services and many others. All these features include more varied services. So you are eligible for everyday savings with Union Plus Credit Card discounts.

Union Plus offers competitive raters for life insurance, which is underwritten by Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company. You have three insurance types with different conditions from each other. In addition, you can be served with auto insurance and pet insurance as well.

For those who still seem to question the Union Plus Credit Card reliabilityHealth Fitness Articles, must join the Union Plus membership and experience all these features and much more on their own.

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