Unsecured Credit Cards with Bad Credit: Some Points to Consider


Many will say that credit cards are more trouble than they are worth because of the ease with which credit card debt can be run up. But managing credit cards properly can mean avoiding such trouble. In fact, when seeking unsecured credit cards with bad credit, it is essential to prove to the card issuer that a mature attitude is being taken.The challenge of getting card approval is not made any easier when the applicant has a poor credit history, but that is not to say that approval is impossible. Depending on the degree of bad credit involved, the compromise that may have to be made, may range from a higher rate of interest charged to a very low credit balance.It may even be necessary to provide some collateral, just to get back into the credit card game. However, unsecured credit cards are still possible to get if the right moves are made to convince the issuers that the card will be managed properly, despite the poor credit rating.Compromises to AcceptHaving a bad credit rating is likely to have a negative effect on a credit card application. But the compromises that may have to be made when applying for unsecured credit cards with bad credit are not extreme. In fact, they are generally quite reasonable.The first is a higher rate of interest charged to purchases and cash advances. This is the best way in which a card issuer can recoup their investment, but when getting card approval it is a good idea to speak to the issuer to ensure the rate is fair. Some cards may charge as much as 20%, which is expensive unless spending is kept down.The second is to keep the card limit to a minimum. The lender may issue unsecured credit cards with limits as low as just $1,000, which means that expense can be kept to a minimum. However, resist the temptation to take out a number of low limit cards just to build up the total credit.Show Good HabitsCredit card companies love to increase limits from time to time, thus increasing their profits. Even with unsecured credit cards with bad credit, the call will come. For this reason, keeping a disciplined spending habit is important.As mature card management is applied, the benefits increase. When originally getting card approval, the interest charged may be high and the credit limit low, but gradually, the limit will improve and the interest rate will reduce. It is the interest that is key.It is good idea therefore to set a threshold on how much of the unsecured credit card limit is to be spent – for example 40% or 50%. This means that bad credit is gradually improved, repayments are kept affordable, and there is always emergency funds available when necessary.Conditions to Look Out ForOf course, accepting compromising does not mean accepting everything. Some card issuers offering unsecured credit cards with bad credit may add a series of extra fees that are not necessary. It is not just a matter of annual card fees and balance transfer fees, but also additional monthly card fees and low credit fees.These are often hidden so reading the small print on the card terms is necessary to discover if they exist or not. If they are charged, getting card approval can then prove to be very expensive.Extra fees will apply as a compromise, and unsecured credit cards are always going to be more expensive than the alternative, but understand that a reasonable limit exists. So, check out what extra fees exist before signing up to anything.

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