Update to CCP’s Top 10 Conference Call Providers 2016 List

UK based ratings & reviews business, CCP, have just released an update to their top 10 conference call providers list, with new names added to the mix for 2016.

Conference-Call-Providers.co.uk have just released an update to their Top 10 Conference Providers list which now includes some new names, as well as some old.

Mr. Willis of CCP said that, “We are delighted to of updated our top 10 service provider list and we’ll be keeping a close eye on feedback to see just how things are fairing up”.

“While some new contenders have been added to the list, it will be great to see how people react to this change. We’re delighted that some of the new inclusions on to CCP have some at conference calling issues at slightly different angles than the rest, so we could see a new top 3 providers on our list very soon”.


Position 2 to 10 as follows:

#2 – BT (British Telecom)

#3 – PGi (Premiere Global Services)

#4 – AccuConference

#5 – YourConference.com

#6 – Conference Now

#7 – PowWowNow

#8 – AllConferenceCalls

#9 – Conference Genie

#10 – WhyPay


Benjamin Willis further commented on the new commers to the list, “We’re delighted to include WhyPay within our top 10 providers because they’ve gone against a trend that’s been around for a long time. “Free” conference call providers, as they dub themselves, have led the market for years, but what we really like about WhyPay is that it is simply true with these guys, a fully free service!”

To view an updated top 10 list of conference call providers, as well as seeing who is currently #1Free Reprint Articles, go to: www.conference-call-providers.co.uk.

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