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US Open Tennis Tournament Introduction:US Open Tennis Championship is one among the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments.The US Open Grand Slam:* The US Open Tennis Tournament is the final event of the Grand Slam of the year.* US Open take place during the month of August and September every year.* US Open Tennis undergoes for two weeks.* The US Open is played at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York City.* The presence of final set tie-breaks is unique aspect of US Open Tennis.* Richest tennis tournament in the world is US Open Grand Slam.Championships Played in US Open Tennis:* Men’s Singles Championships* Women’s Singles Championships* Men’s Doubles Championships* Women’s Double’s Championships* Mixed Doubles Championships* Senior Players Championships* Junior Players Championships* Wheelchair Players ChampionshipsHistory of US Open Tennis Tournaments :General Facts about US Open Tennis Championships:* The US Open Tennis was first held in August 1881.* The US Open was formerly an event meant exclusively for the elite.* The total prize money was placed at US Open Tennis is $17 million.* About 600 professional players competed for the title and the prize money.* The first ever venue for US Open Tennis was the Newport Casino in Rhode Island.* In the beginning, US Open consisted of two separate tournaments for men and women.* Originally, the event was known as the “U.S. National Singles Championships”.* The event was accessible only to associations that were a part of the United States National Lawn Tennis Association.* The years 1884-1911 saw the trend of “challenge system” which allowed a defending champion to automatically qualify for the next year’s finals.* Two best teams were selected from the east and west regions which competed against each other in the play-offs.Venues where US Open Tennis Tournament Played:The tennis championships were hosted at various venues over the years.* 1881 – 1915 – The Newport Casino, Newport, New York City* 1916 – 1920 – West Side Tennis Club , Forest Hills, New York* 1921 – 1923 – Germantown Cricket Club in Philadelphia* 1924 – 1978 – West Side Tennis Club , Forest Hills, New York* 1978 – present – USTA National Tennis Center, Flushing Meadows, Corona Park.Landmarks of US Open Tennis:* For the first six years, the National Championships consisted of only men’s national championships.* In the subsequent years, many other championships were introduced.The following years mark events that were significant to the development of US Open Tennis:* 1887: The first U.S. Women’s National Singles Championship was held officially at the Philadelphia Cricket Club.* 1889: U.S. Women’s National Doubles Championships were held for the first time along with US Mixed Doubles.* 1900: the U.S. National Men’s Doubles Championships were introducedThe beginning of US Open Tennis Tournament:* US Tennis Open officially came into existence in 1968 after the culmination of five different championships into a single event.* Entry into the tournament was no longer restricted to the elite and all professionals could participate.* 98 men and 63 women took part in the first US Open Tournament.* The first US Open was held at the West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills, Queens.* The prize money was stepped upto $100,000.* The concept of final set tie-breaks was introduced in 1970.* Instant replay was applied to the US Open Tournament in 2006.Surfaces on Which US Open Tennis Championship is Played:* Till 1975, the US Open Tennis matches were played on grass.* From 1975-1978, US Open Tennis matches were played on Har-Tru clay courts.* Now US Open Tennis matches are played on DecoTurf.For More Information on US Open Tennis Grand Slam Go through “Altius Directory (”

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