Use your Business Credit Card Wisely


Are you a small business entrepreneur who owns a credit card for business?  If yes, then this article was made for you.  Read on and find out how you can swipe your business credit card wisely and how you can get the most from your business credit card.Use your business credit card strictly for business.  Business owners sometimes tend to use their business credit cards for personal spending such eating out at restaurants or grocery shopping.  This is definitely a no-no.  If you own a credit card for business, you need to be very strict about the kind of expenses you charge on your card.  Make sure that your business credit card is used for business expenses only.  On the other hand, your personal credit card should be used only for your personal needs.  Exercise self-discipline and know your limits. Choose the credit card that suits your business.   Different business credit cards are designed to help different types of businesses.  It is your job to find out which credit card for small business caters to the specific needs of your company.  You may need to take some time researching about the many small business credit cards available in the market, but taking your time is a smarter move than getting a credit card that is wrong for your business.Set a limit to your business spending.  Just because you own a company does not mean you can use your business credit card all you want.  Be wise.  A smart business owner sets up a realistic budget that must be followed.  Remember, a business credit card should be your partner to keep your business finances steady and not the other way around.  It is too easy to splurge using a credit card and get stuck in huge debts later on.  Don’t forget that each time you charge a purchase to your business account, you have the obligation to pay it back by your due date.  If you are not sure whether you can pay it back on time, do not charge it to your business credit card.Check your account regularly.  Apart from the monthly statements of account and the quarterly and yearly summaries sent by your credit card company, credit cards for small business provide an online account access for its card holders.  Thus, you can check your account right from your home office or wherever there is access to the internet at any time.  Take advantage of this opportunity to keep track of your charges and to make sure that you are staying within your budget.Pay your monthly balances in full.  A wise entrepreneur knows the value of paying debts on time.  Don’t carry over your balance for the next month if you have the means to pay it off completely.  Remember, it’s better to keep your credit to debt ratio in a balance to keep your business credit in excellent standing.   Paying off your monthly balance in full protects you from the risk of bad debt and incurring additional interest rates and penalty charges.

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