Useful Tips for a Successful Appointment Setting


First impressions last (preferably, good first impressions) and this is especially true when it comes to a successful appointment setting. Hence, here are the steps you have to undertake for a solid lead generation appointment setting.1)The Opening.    •Speak clearly. During cold calling, the individual on the other side of the line could recognize right away if you are really worth their time. That’s why you must not lower their level of interest and wastes their time if they still have to decipher what you’re trying to say to them.    •Create an encouraging condition for a warm conversation by the tone and distinctiveness of your voice. Just by the sound of your voice, your character and a picture of you in the mind of the person you’re speaking to begins to take its form. A warm voice usually works but unfortunately, not all is inborn with it. What you can do is practice speaking and record your voice and have someone act as your critic. Just keep on practicing until you are already comfortable with it.2)The Introduction. As a general rule, the caller should not wait for the prospect to ask. The caller must state his/her name prior to progressing on the conversation. After the opening, it’s only polite and professional etiquette to state your name.3)Explaining the Purpose of the Call. This is the stage wherein the prospect can gauge if you’re truly worth their time talking to you or it’s better to drop you. This also sets the phase where you have to present your idea in a rational way. Clearly state your openness in engaging your prospects meaningfully which will maintain their interest and attention. Also, handle objections nicely. Never ever get involved into an argument with your prospect. Take note that your main purpose is appointment setting and not to take over from the client. Hence, only give the needed information which directs to an appointment.4)Setting the appointment. A prospect’s interest may decline and it can take twice the effort to gain it again. Delays can also turn hot prospects into cold. That’s why once you have your prospect’s interest, make him agree with you for an appointment as soon as possible.Getting the Right Approach.    a)Preparation is everything. It’s a fact that a well-prepared appointment setting endeavor doesn’t emanate from a scripted approach. Rather, it comes from a good understanding and knowledge of the appointment details. Understanding all the facts and providing the same at the right time confirms your professionalism to the prospects’ needs.    b)Timing. Know the most opportune time when to give added information, when to direct the conversation to an appointment setting close and how to deal with objections.    c)Having a positive attitude. Having a win-win mindset for all is important during appointment setting efforts. It’s essential to steer the conversation from his standpoint instead of yours. Let the prospect feel that they have so much to attain from having that appointment. Naturally, prospects feel valued from a well-placed appointment setting attempt and you earn their respect on the process.In choosing the marketing firm that will work on your lead generation and appointment setting campaign look for companies that have a good tracking record and provides quality service. Look for an appointment setting company that specializes in setting business appointments whether its over the phone or face-to-face appointments.

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