Using Sportsbook Reviews to Compare Bonuses

The biggest problem you’ll have comparing bonuses at sportsbook review sites is finding a writer who took the time to find the information you didn’t want to go digging for. I’m talking about the complete value and terms of the bonus offer.

When I look up a review, for example, I don’t want to read that the online sports betting site offers a 15% sign-up bonus, and that’s the end of it. I want the full details. I want to know how much the minimum deposit is to qualify for the bonus, the maximum value of the bonus and how many times I’ll have to roll it over (wager it) before I can cash out.

If you found a thorough review, it would say that you must deposit at least $100 on your very first deposit at the online sportsbook to get the 15% bonus, awarding a maximum bonus of $500, followed by 5x rollover before a player can cash out their winnings. It should also tell me that I must use a credit card in order to be eligible for the bonus.

A review like this would tell me instantly that this sportsbook review site took a little extra time to evaluate the bonus and make sure I was fully aware of what it took to get the extra betting cash. Knowing that the sports betting portal has reliable information, I can then click through a few more sportsbook review pages and compare the available bonuses to see which one is most appealing to me.

If you are a serious online sports bettor looking for a betting site that you want to remain loyal to, don’t just stop with the welcome bonus. Make sure you are reading sportsbook reviews from a site that offers the details of additional promotions for existing members.

Reverting back to my previous example, a review would have several extra bonus offers to tell me about, hopefully in just as much detail as the welcome bonus. It would start with online sportsbook’s standard reload bonus of 10% up to $500, again requiring a minimum $100 credit card deposit, but with only 3x rollover this time.

The sportsbook review should also include the special Tuesday Promo, where dishes out a 20% up to $500 bonus on any deposit made on a Tuesday. Once more the review would explain the $500 max value and 5x rollover, with an added clause that you cannot deposit via credit card, NETeller or Moneybookers; you must use a different method to get this bonus offer.

If you read something like this in a review, or any sportsbook review for that matterHealth Fitness Articles, would you be impressed with the attention to detail that went into it? You would have no need to read the long and boring fine print at the online sportsbook’s website. It’s a far cry more inspiring than the simple revelation of a 15% up to $500 welcome bonus that most sportsbook review pages represent.

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