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Lift Your Business by Accepting Online Payments by means of E-Check


There are three different ways that checks take care of their work of taking money from your account and offering it to someone. The customary route started with a piece of paper that you gave to a vendor, who sent it to their bank, who sent it to your bank, and your bank sent the money to their bank. It was moderate and expensive for merchants to use.


Along came electronic check readers – scanners that read the code from your paper check and sent it to your bank, then your money was credited to the vendor immediately. This was faster, less expensive, and offered greater security, with a major improvement over the cumbersome paper checks.


Time passed and technology evolved, and now verification processors offer software that takes the key data electronically to your bank, gets the money, and places it in the vendor’s bank. It was with this process that the true electronic check (called e-Check) was created. It enjoys every one of the benefits of the scanned check yet should be possible entirely online.


For credit card leery consumers, electronic checks offer a quick and safe method for online payments.


American Verification Process Solutions offers this service: e-Check Processing.

Expand your payment choices to include ACH Processing for your current and new customers.


How do Gateways help?

We’ve partnered with payment gateways to bring security, ease of use, and low prices to keep you straightforward, help your primary concern, and process safety. Gateways integrate with the vast majority of the mainstream shopping baskets and e-commerce stages just as provide features, for example, ACH processing, recurring charging, etc.

Check out some of the features provided by Gateways for reliable and secure processing:

Accept a versatile number of payment choices to keep you developing

Improve your main concern with more choices of gateways

Easy to develop into an easy to use so you will not need to relearn anything

Use your internet-connected Macintosh or PC with no added purchases

Get your money faster compared to utilizing other payment services

Fraud management apparatuses keep your business and customer information safe

Synced to your virtual terminal to keep you processing anywhere

Mass processing will save you time so you can concentrate on others

Construct a secure customer database to better serve and connect to them

Compatible with most e-commerce stages for quick, secure exchanges

Speedy and easy setup to begin charging your customers regularly

Manage your business more efficiently with advanced reporting features


AVP Solutions offers a new business owner or an experienced one with best-in-class customized payment processing solutions that gives you an edge.

With the promise of causing your business to get better with the presentation of new online technologies and software for the online presence of your business.

Set up your virtual gateways, merchant accounts, mobile terminals, and countertop terminals for your online business with affordable solutions by American Verification Processing Solutions.



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