Wallmart Credit Cards In Comparison


You can apply for a Wallmart credit card in the store or online. Usually, they will have a table at the front of the store, but the online process is fast and easy too. But before you make that step, understanding the cards they offer may make the choice easier.There are two different kinds of Wal-Mart credit cards. One is a Discover card, and the other is a store credit card. The store card will only be taken at Wal-Marts, and the other is a regular credit card and can be utilized anywhere.Discover has a 1% cash back on purchases, and Wal-Mart participates in this. The amount of cash back you get changes on the card balances, and they have a low payout of $10. Wal-Mart store credit cards don’t offer this incentive.They both do offer cash back advances, however. If you have the Wal-Mart Discover, you can get up to $100 a day or $60 daily if you have the store card. The great advantage to this is it acts like a purchase, not at a higher rate like most credit cards as the cash advance. The only drawback is it has to be done at a Wal-Mart register; you can’t use it just anywhere.There is a protection plan against someone using your card without permission, or if it’s stolen. There is also no yearly fee to have either card, which is another great benefit of them. One of the best things about both cards is using it to pay at the pump. Wal-Marts with gas stations offer 3 cents off per gallon on the price for using their card. This can add up to huge savings for you for the year if you use it at the pumps.Most of the time, Wal-Mart will offer a promotion to apply and get one of their credit cards. Right now, and until the end of the year, they have a zero interest on a qualifying purchase, and give you a year to pay it back. Sometimes you can catch them in the store offering an incentive to apply as well, and these can range in money off a purchase, to a free item.Anytime you apply for a credit card, you need to read everything that they have available to you. While these are great cards to have for the ease of shopping at a store that is practically everywhere, they do have different interest rates, depending on if you have good, or bad, credit.

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