What are the key elements of a successful eCommerce website?

It is the high time to realise the actual potential of the eCommerce websites. The platforms enable customers all across the globe to buy and order anything from anywhere. 

Creating an eCommerce agency is a delicate task and hiring an eCommerce agency in London can simplify it for you. They offer a solid website design that prepares you for handling a lot of traffic and pressure. 

Ultimately, it is the combination of 7 essential design features that make an eCommerce website successful. 


Smartphones have taken over the reign of desktops and laptops in almost every field. People simply love this mobility. Whether it is shopping or booking flight tickets, everything is done by mobiles these days. 

It will become hard to please your customers if you don’t have a mobile compatible website. This investment is a must and you should address at the starting stage of the development.  


Anyone who shops online shares his/her personal information on the platform. It has to be secure. The websites need to assure that no one can misuse the customer’s details. 

The data collected by the websites cannot be disclosed in any case as it can be harmful. Take measures to protect this information and make it legit and secure for your users.   


No one will be interested in a website that looks like a big and bulky reading manual. A complicated web page is a big turn off. People do not come back to these websites and shop.

That is why; entrepreneurs should focus on creating simple and straightforward designs. Magento is an open-source, flexible platform that allows you to create amazing website designs. You can hire a Magento agency in London for that. 

The login and signup system should be simplified enough for everyone to understand. Make sure that your customers are informed better when they enter your store. 


The design of your website should be chosen to accommodate lots of product images and descriptive information. prefer adoption eight-image approach (front, back, top, bottom, left, right and two prospective shots). 

The good and attractive looks will compel customers to check its description and buy it. 

Keeping your customers informed is an opportunity to increase your sales and leads. 


A convenient search tool is one of the most important parts of the eCommerce store. It is essential for first-time users.

No one would like to go through the whole store to look for one single time. Filtered searches make sure that your customers get access to the best results. 


The colours you choose for your website can make a huge difference. They can literally make or break your customer’s experience. A cocktail of strange colours will only assault their visual sense. 

Choose colours, background shades and font colours that are easy to read and understand. The colours should be attractive and complement each other well. 


As soon as the customer places an order, he becomes eager to receive the delivery. The less cost and clear information regarding shipping are always appreciated.  

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