What is better: Instant gratification vs long term relation?

Today we live life in a fast-forward mode. We are pampered by a world of instant luxuries. From touchscreen devices to instant food to all-in-one smartphones, we have become addicted to things that provide instant results.

Humans are programmed to long for things. It provides a feel-good factor with a sense of euphoria which is hard to resist! In simple words, it is called instant gratification.

Technology has narrowed the time span between wanting and having.

Want to shop, order on Amazon! 

Have an urge to read, you have Kindle! Wow!

Hunger pangs? No worries, food is on the way!

The vehicle has gone kaput. UBER is just a click away!

Voila, this is the age of instant gratification.

Everything around us seems to be growing at warping speed, not only materialistic things but we have attached that speed to our relationships too. We are seeking a magic wand with us all the time.

This can be overwhelming. In trying to keep up with the fast-track scheme of things, our values like patience, perseverance, and tolerance have taken a backseat. We have forgotten that life is a journey to be enjoyed and not just a destination.

Ditto for relationships! Feeling bored, FB and Instagram transport you to a virtual world of instant gratification. Want to date someone, Tinder is your call!

Relationships are sailing on a speed boat and generation X is trying to build their future based on these frivolous connections. This results in shallow and superficial bonding which is devoid of any emotions.

We have forgotten that long-lasting relationships blossom on love, trust, and companionship. Strong bonds need time and patience to come to fruition. In our pursuit of instant happiness, we ignore that the fruit of hard work is the sweetest. Take a while to relax and introspect, you will realize that you have skipped some most beautiful moments of your life while trying to navigate the rapids. Nurture your relationship gradually. Indulge in real conversation, connect socially in person (not only on social media), spend time together. Build a meaningful foundation and let the relationship progress slowly.

The satisfaction of getting a reward after a long wait is far more gratifying than the satisfaction obtained from something that has entailed little or no effort.

Simply put, when you delay instant gratification, you experience long-term satisfaction.

Remember, the true rhythm of life is enjoyed by savoring the delectable recipe of life in small bitesArticle Submission, not by gulping its ingredients in one go!


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