What is Ecommerce Marketing?

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Ecommerce marketing is the universal superset of all digital marketing campaigns. With the goal to drive the target group towards an online shopping website, eCommerce campaigners can employ social media, emails, and Search Engines to various degrees to serve this very purpose. A good eCommerce marketing campaign is an all-encompassing journey that strategies its spend on a step-by-step basis on any, either, or all three forms of online marketing. A good marketing strategy is essentially entrenched in the history of the brand.


If you are well set up on one social platform and mostly sold your products through Facebook or Instagram and are now looking to expand, your growth story will evolve differently from someone who has the bandwidth to start with a website right away. It’s very important to inculcate the historic usage of social media from the conception of the brands. Unlike traditional marketing strategies, eCommerce techniques are readily available for you to view on various dashboards- it’s up to you to choose what will work best for you further. Leveraging this freedom to choose is what makes you write your own eCommerce marketing Playbook instead.


Why eCommerce is important?

We listed some factors that prove the Importance of eCommerce in today’s world.


Ecommerce Marketing Methodology

There’s never a fixed eCommerce marketing strategy that fits all eCommerce channels- therefore, your methodology will most likely be a hodge-podge of the best techniques out there that will guarantee you high ROI, increased sales conversions, and whatever else your goal is. There are several eCommerce marketing methodologies to choose from, and these include:


Content marketing:

This essentially involves producing written content, photos, videos, infographics, and the like to engage consumers on various platforms like blogs and social media to increase leads and conversions as well as start a conversation around your brand. While the costs are relatively low, the time taken for content marketing strategies to bear fruit is long and can be quite frustrating. However, it is one of the most important strategies out there.


Email marketing:

With this, you reach out to potential customers, in their inboxes, with content, discounts, and other offers that they will find interesting. A good email marketing campaign always leads a reader to click on the call-to-action button and engage with your business platform. Also, it is much-needed among all other eCommerce skills.


SEO and Pay-per-Click Advertising:

While the others take good old hard work to bear fruit, PPC Advertising is often quicker though not ideal for businesses that are just starting out. The strategy involves paying for audience-targeted ads so that for each click you get on your website linkScience Articles, a fee is paid to the search engine host. SEO is more organic- it involves adding the most searched and relevant keywords to your content so it’s more likely to show up on search engines for related searches.


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