What is the big deal about goal setting anyways?

Goal setting related content is everywhere and yet, so many fail to create their life’s master plan. It maybe because they do not want to spend time planning their objective, their life purpose is not too clear, does not believe goal setting is necessary etc.

If you belong to the group of people that I mentioned above my advice to you is: whatever the reason is for not planning your personal path really does not matter. However, you should start reaching for paper and pen right about now. For what you may ask? If you ever want to get somewhere, you need to start setting goals immediately.

Not having a clear path to follow is just like driving a car without a final destination. You will probably end up in the middle of nowhere. However, imagine driving with a particular address in mind. You will end exactly where you intended to.

Just like the driving destination, if you do not have a clear picture of your objective you will get distracted with life in general (illnesses, conflict, finances etc.); while having a plan will help you stay focus.

Now you decide, are you going to drive with or without destination?

Best of luckArticle Search,

Kenia Morales

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