What is Turbo Boost??

Turbo Boost the latest feature
introduced by Intel in its third generation processor which enables the
processor to change the clock speed according to the application. It plays a
very important role in regulating the power management system and ensures
optimal performance. 

Before the launch of i3, i5, i7
third generation processor Intel and AMD the two giant players in the world of
processor manufacturing are dealing with the idea of multicore processors. The
idea of multicore processor is brought up by Intel to enhance the computing
speed and performance. As with the current technology has confined the maximum
speed which has given rise to multipliers. Now days a common user generally use
4-5 application at a time. So by implementing the idea of multicore the
workload is uniformly distributed among them. But problem with this technique
is overheating/thermal breakdown. Even a single core generates a lot of heat so
we have to invest a lot incase to provide cooling system for all the cores else
we have to make a tradeoff between speed and CPU life. The other obstacle to
the success of multicore processor is memory management system. As a single
memory controller cater the needs of cores by using the same data bus for data
transmission so there always exist a state of congestion while executing a
heavy task like using a 3D application, floating point calculation, any
watching HD multimedia. This would confine the performance to the certain limit
and also you have to curb your desires. So for eliminating these problems Intel
has launched processor with new feature” Turbo Boost”. This feature is
introduced in the Turbo Boost provides is a feature which you dynamic
capability can scale up the clock speed depending within the TDP.  With this feature now we have a new
generation processor which is flexible enough to provide CPU performance
according to the task. We have the Core i5 750 processor which has a base clock
speed of 2.66GHz but can scale up to 3.2 GHz, thus provide optimal performance.
In the past Intel has provided a feature Dual dynamic acceleration holds the
capability to enhance the clock frequency of two cores but Turbo Boost can
increase frequency of all cores. The maximum frequency of clock achieved
through using Intel Turbo Boost Technology depends on the number of factors
which are given as:

of active cores at the time of performing task.

of estimated current consumption for desired task.

of estimated power consumption for desired task.


How Intel Turbo Boost Works:

Intel Turbo Boost always monitors
the power, current usage of a Core i5 or i7 processor and determines its
vicinity to the maximum allowable limit i.e. Thermal Design Power (TDP).The
Thermal design power is the maximum amount of power a processor is supposed to
use under ideal condition. This technology overclock the CPU for a certain
period of time when operating system requests for highest ACPI performance The
frequency is increased in steps (speed bins), where 1 step is 133 MHz For
desktop Intel processor the frequency can be raised by 1-5 stepsFeature Articles, or 133- 667 MHz
The processor operate in Turbo Boost mode as long as TDP limit is reached when
this situation occur then processor reduce the clock speed of active cores by
one speed bin.

How to Enable or Disable Intel
Turbo Boost Technology on your Computer:

Intel Turbo Boost Technology is
enabled by default by a switch in the BIOS where you can either or disable
operation. There are no means by which a user can control the operation of
Intel Turbo Boost operation. Once enabled Intel Turbo Boost Technology works
automatically under operating system for enhancing CPU performance and computer maintenance on high performance applications.

If you are planning to change
your computer setup then go for Processor
possessing the Turbo Boost Technology and have an extra edge over other.

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