Why Choose Instant Approval Credit Cards

Thousands of
charge card offers flood the market today. Specialized cards reward consumers
with trips, food, merchandise and more. With so many options for charge cards,
why apply for instant approval credit cards? What are the benefits?

I’ll Get Access to my Money Faster

Well, yes…maybe.

First off, it’s not your money, but the bank’s money that it’s loaning you
access to for the price of an agreed-to interest rate. Those are very important
distinctions to remember.

Now: yes, you may possibly be quickly granted access to limited funds. The
probability of that happening depends on a number of factors; primarily,
whether the card you’re applying for offers the option of granting quick access
to funds. Next, it depends upon how well you passed the initial screening. If
you flew through the approval process with a high credit score, then you can
probably tap into the bank’s coffers before even receiving your permanent card.
However, if you just barely creeped through approval by the skin of your
financial teeth, don’t expect the bank to be tossing bills at you like so many
rose petals showering a hero who’s come home from the war.

If the sole reason you’re applying for a card is as a means to quickly access
cash, you may want to rethink your approach. You can probably get a greater
amount of funds faster from a more convenient source than tying yourself to a
card you may never use again.

I Just Can’t Wait to Go Shopping!

Perhaps you were browsing at the shopping centre, saw a smashing outfit and
decided that you simply had to have it, but lacked the funds to purchase the
frock. So the moment you got home, you looked up how to get a charge card in a
hurry. Maybe you applied, qualified and even got immediate access to funds, and
then clicked onto the store’s website and bought the coveted togs. Good for

Now, as you await the delivery of your new ensemble, reflect on the urgency with
which you made your purchase. Instant decision charge cards do have a place and
do serve a valid purpose. Just be careful that you don’t misuse them, because
if you view these cards as magical mini-automated teller machines, you will go
broke in a hurry and your credit rating will be left in a shambles.

Better Reasons for Choosing an Instant Decision Charge Card

So, if valid reasons do exist for choosing an instant decision card, what are

1. To take advantage of a lucrative offer. Some offers disappear almost as
quickly as they materialize. If you don’t have a card handy, you could miss out
on a particularly outstanding deal, whether that’s a unique product purchase or
jumping on an unbelievably low rate for a charge card.

2. To take the place of an existing card of yours that has been lost or stolen.
Sadly, identify theft is a thriving and growing form of commerce. If your cards
have been stolen, it can take up to a fortnight to receive replacements. You
may have better luck getting new cards faster through instant decision card
companies. The new cards can tide you over until your replacement cards arrive;
after that, you might rarely use the instant decision card on occasion.

3. In case of emergency. You’re out in the middle of nowhere when your tire
blows, your headlamp gets knocked out and, oh dear, you left your wallet at
home. Under these circumstances, the ability to quickly look up an instant
decision company on your mobile device and call for a quick one-minute
application over the phone can prove to be a lifesaver.

Know Your Reasons

If your goal is to secure a card with the lowest rate and annual charge and
offering the best terms and rewards, chances are that you will find your dream
card through a process of relatively slow comparison shopping, not by swooping
in on whatever card you can pick up the fastest.

Instant approval credit cards can rescue you from dire situations or help you
come through with the purchase of goods or services when that’s desperately
needed, and it’s a great feat of technology that such processes are available
today to quickly get cards into the hands of people who need them. Just be sure
that you are clear as to the reasons behind your application for this type of
cardFree Articles, so that your future credit rating is protected.


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