Why Do you Need QuickBooks ECommerce Integration?

Here we describe how QuickBooks eCommerce integration can provide benefits to your business. When you starting your own eCommerce business 

Want to make your accounting easier and more efficient? Want to improve the productivity

of your accounts department? If yes, avoid using your accounting software as a disparate



Entrepreneurs starting their own eCommerce business often use an accounting tool like

QuickBooks to manage their financial health. It helps to keep track of expenses and income

of their business.


When it comes to the implementation of accounting best practices, one simply cannot

forget about integration. QuickBooks eCommerce integration can provide a wealth of

benefits to your business.


Following are the benefits of connecting QuickBooks accounting tool with your eCommerce platform:


Get Rid of Re-keying of Data


Don’t you think that entering the same data twice is a time-taking activity? An integrated

the system eliminates the re-keying of data, which means you have to enter data just once in

either of the systems.


With QuickBooks integration, you save an enormous amount of time and effort that can

be used elsewhere for other important activities like sales. An integrated system

significantly reduces the burden of administrative tasks. It is sure to make your team more

productive and efficient.


Studies have shown that an integrated system saves any business organization from

several hours of work every week. Users no longer have to update data in both systems.


For instance, if you change the customer address in your eCommerce back office, you can

update the information in QuickBooks without re-entering data. The updated information

automatically flows into the accounting tool.


Say Goodbye to Data Entry Errors


The task of inputting data repeatedly is prone to errors. Your staff is bound to make

mistakes at some point of time.


When your accounting team manually re-enter data into QuickBooks, it increases the

chances of making errors. For instance, your staff is likely to make typographical errors,

which can have huge ramifications for your entire organization.


On the other hand, an integrated system creates a bidirectional flow of data between your

eCommerce backend system and QuickBooks. Say, you add a new customer to your online

store; you can move this new data to your QuickBooks with a single click.


Access Information in Real-Time


When you are using a standalone system, information is not updated immediately. Many

times, your staff may altogether forget to update information. Using outdated information

to make crucial business decisions is one of the biggest mistakes one can make.


With QuickBooks accounting integration, you can access financial data in real-time.

This will enable you to find out how your business is performing at any point of time. You

can make well-informed decisions when you get real-time visibility into your financial data.


The ability to view real-time financial information will enable you to obtain a snapshot of

your entire business. Get good insights of your revenue, expenses, and cash flow at any

given moment.


Also, fraudulent transactions (if any) can be detected early as QuickBooks is updated in

real-time. You can spot transaction errors immediately and fix them at the earliest.


Simplify Processes


The ECommerce platform connected to QuickBooks makes it easier to keep track of job costing.

All the information required to calculate job costing is automatically passed down to



Moreover, the accounting software gets all the information needed to calculate

commissions. Similarly, other accounting processes become a lot easier when you are using

an integrated system.


On the whole, if you want to free up your team of unnecessary activities, avoid using

standalone systems. Manual data transfer costs time and errors. Instead, integrate

QuickBooks with your eCommerce back office and create an efficient workflow between



When you aim to optimize work efficiency and do away with copy-pasting of dataFree Articles, it is

imperative to integrate your accounting software with eCommerce. Your financial record will

be always up-to-date as new data entered will automatically flow from your eCommerce

back office to your QuickBooks.

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