Why OpenCart Rules The Shopping Cart Development Arena

As an ecommerce merchant, you must discover the right ecommerce solution to be able to make the right choice. There are a large number of shopping carts available today. Among the plethora of shopping cart development platforms, OpenCart is considered the best one due to its flexible, simple and versatile nature.

Though it arrived after many other popular shopping cart platforms we find today, this platform has managed to become the most popular choice among both ecommerce beginners as well as seasoned merchants. Here are a few valid reasons why you must choose OpenCart over the other platforms when you Hire Opencart Developer.

Store set up is simple
The process of setting up an OpenCart ecommerce store is very simple. This is perhaps one of the most interesting benefits of this platform. This platform was in fact developed having the users in mind. To create a shop, you need not be knowledgeable in the technology. Though it is best to hire an OpenCart developer, you will find the process quite understandable to you to suggest what you want during the process. The different steps involved in launching an OpenCart store include the following.

• Install OpenCart on the computer where you will develop the store

• Choose from the several OpenCart Themes made available to the users

• Add your products and fill in the product details

• Make the configurations with regard to languages, payment and shipping methods.

Once you have accomplished these steps, you are now ready to get your orders and sell your products. The installation process is quite easy and does not need a sound technical knowledge. However, professionals well trained in creating a large number of OpenCart stores can do a great job on your ecommerce project.

Usability and performance
The site speed is a crucial component that will ultimately impact the user experience when it comes to online stores. OpenCart is a light-weight ecommerce solution that employs AJAX technology known for its less loading time and high store speed.

The admin panel of the OpenCart is simple and user friendly. You will not need a lot of time to gain familiarity with the learning curve. Managing the store on the OpenCart platform is a very simple process. At the same time, you can make use of several features and include a lot of tools and functionalities into the store you develop. Some of the top highlights of this program include one page checkout, a highly efficient site structure, simplified navigation and handy search. These factors are sure to attract the users assuring them a superior online shopping experience.

Multi-store functionality
• Since OpenCart can support multi-store function, you can hope to manage multiple stores from a single admin panel. Tis will mean you have the following advantages.

• For each of your stores, you can set up customer groups. You can also have a store for retail sales and another for wholesale sales.

• It is possible to localize each store for different countries. This can be done by setting default languageBusiness Management Articles, tax and currency for the given country.

• You can maintain a single inventory for a number of shops.

• You can deploy different themes for different shops to give a superior user experience.


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