Why You Should Use a One Page Checkout

Does your website use a multi page checkout process and you are looking for reasons why you should change? Many times ecommerce sites feel they are doing fine with the checkout process they have and believe the information they receive from customers being required to sign up for an account overpowers the customers they lose who didn’t want to waste their time. However, this is not totally the case and should actually be looked into in more depth. Ecommerce sites that require customers to sign up, create an account, confirm their account, and then make the purchase frequently find shopping carts abandoned. There could be many reasons why this occurs but in most cases it is because the checkout process takes too long. If you really want to improve sales and reduce cart abandonment significantly then you need to consider a one page checkout.

A one page checkout allows websites all the information they need while providing customers with a fast and easy way to buy their merchandise. For example, on a one page checkout the website may include information like shipping and billing, a drop down link for where the shopper heard about the site and even a few other dropdown links that would provide pertinent marketing information to the website. Also, the website could provide frequent shoppers with the option of saving their credit card information on the site to make future checkouts even easier. This results in one click checkout for subsequent customers, which is certainly a draw to those who want to buy their merchandise and move on to something else.

Every website is looking for ways to increase their conversion rates and a one page checkout process will help significantly. You can also allow customers to checkout anonymously and while you won’t have any information on this particular customer for future marketing purposes you will have found a new customer simply because you allowed anonymous checkout. Many shoppers like to keep their anonymity and this type of checkout process is highly desired and looked for by ecommerce shoppers.

When you make shopping on your website easy then you will increase the number of customers who choose to shop with you. In factScience Articles, these shoppers will be your best form of advertisement because people talk and if you make it easy to checkout then word of mouth will help significantly in your advertising efforts. Go ahead and try a one page checkout and compare your numbers. More than likely you will see a higher conversion rate and more sales!

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