Wii Points – What is it?

Wii points is a payment system that allows you to purchase video games via the Wii shop channel.  Essentially, you can either buy Wii points online using your credit card, or you can go to a store such as Blockbuster and purchase them there.  Once this is done, you can then purchase games via the Wii shop channel.

Nintendo is giving you a pretty cool alternative to using real money to purchase software titles.  It’s a pretty straightforward process.  At the back of your Wii points card, you simply scratch off the area that’s silver, and you’ll see a bunch of numbers.  You simply punch these numbers into your Wii account, and then you’ll be on your way to purchasing more titles.

The card itself is more flimsy than a typical credit card, but still, it gets the job done.  As soon as you load the points to your Wii account, the card is essentially useless anyway.  A word of caution would be to make sure you’re not paying more than $20 for the card, not including tax, because some stores, you’d be surprised, may possibly charge more than that.

Yes, it’s true, if it’s your goal to purchase a video game as a gift for someone, it can be quite difficult. You know, sometimes you see these Wal-Mart gift cards and whatnot, and if you think about it, what a great way to get someone a videogame related gift card via the Wii points card. In this way, whoever receives the gift can then choose the game they want. No more taking gifts back or worrying whether or not you chose them the right game.

Another great thing about the card is the convenience. Typcially, in order to purchase any game accessory, you would have to go to the store, make sure it’s in, and then make the purchase of course. Using the points card, you literally have your store at your fingertips. Turn on your Wii, go to the Wii shop channel, and there you have it.

You also don’t have to worry about the game being sold out, since your not purchasing something that’s physical. So there you have it. If you have yet to purchase games through the Wii shop channel, get yourself a Wii Points card and put it to use. It’s a different way of buying gamesComputer Technology Articles, but you just may like it. Good luck!

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