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After I had my account approved, I placed some ads on my blog. I continued posting two new articles weekly to keep my blog with fresh content. I got traffic to my blog by submitting it to web and article directories. Another way I did is to post my blog to most of the popular social bookmarking sites to gain traffic.Making money online is not easy but not too hard. I say, medium. To become a millionaire online, it is hard because I don’t reach to that point yet. Anyway, you learn from what you work. I had only one blog by that time to earn about $1000 a month at the end of 6 first months. I decided to build some more blogs with different topics at the 7th month. This time, I didn’t use the free blog anymore but signed up with my own domain. I had my real domain and created a website. My site had more content and links to it. I also created one blog for my own domain and did the same procedure as my first blog. I keep updating the fresh content by writing new articles on my site. This was not easy but not too hard for me.Many online webmasters established their home-based businesses from their own expertise. The work at home article I read showed me this strategy to make online money. In the first month when I started out, I had earned only $75. I almost gave up by that time. Even though I advertised my blog to social bookmarking services and web and article directories, I had probably 20 unique clicks a day in the first month. At the end of 6th month, I had about 200 unique clicks. I had about 200 new users who visit my blog every day. Also, my old users still come back to my blog because I updated it regularly. So, keep updating your site with fresh content is the good idea to keep your users come back.After two years of working online, I can say I am successful in my own home-based business. I quit my daytime job to work full time on my home-based job because there are a lot of work I need to do. I have four websites today and still keep the first free blog. Every day when I wake up, I open my computer and check for my daily earning from both Google AdSense and my affiliate network. If the total of my earning is less than $1,000, I am sad. Generally speaking, you can start out with a small blog like myself and grow it. What you need to have is the time and the good strategy you set up immediately in your mind. You can work from home online to make extra money. Your home-based business may become your hobby. You do your hobby and make money from it, what do you think?

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