Working with Your Yahoo Account Made Easier Than Ever

This article as all about you to know how yahoo user can get rid of email account errors. In this post you can get several solutions of yahoo email errors.

This article covers methods to recover your Yahoo password on a mobile device, to restore your email and contact settings, and to determine whether your account is hacked or not.

Recovering Your Yahoo Password on a Mobile Device

Forgot your Yahoo email password? You don’t even need a computer now. Why? Because you can recover your password by means of a mobile device. It’s easy to get back in to your account as long as the information of your account is up-to-date.

Perform the following steps carefully:

The official Yahoo Sign In page displays with the Yahoo username text box, the Password text box, the Sign In button, the I can’t access my account link, and the Create Account button.

The Validation code window displays.

The verification code will be sent to your mobile phone number in the form of a text message.

Your Yahoo password is recovered successfully on your mobile device.

Restoring Your Email and Contact Settings

You might need to restore your email and contact settings if your account has been compromised recently or contact yahoo customer service. There might be a few missing contacts or missing emails in your email account.




Checking Whether Your Account is Hacked

There are many signs to check if your account has been hacked. Here are they: Your account information has been changed, spams are getting sent from your Yahoo mail account, you are getting multiple failed delivery messages, there are logins from places you don’t identify in the Login Activity page, unidentified messages in your sent folder, and others.

To deal with the issue of hackingArticle Search, you can go through the comprehensive guide on how to security your Yahoo by Yahoo technical support.

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