Your Money May Be Tied Up When Renting A Car With Debt


It seems that the credit or debit card does not really matter much when you are shopping around these days, but can only have a significant effect on the ability to rent a vehicle. Many companies are becoming much more severe to allow their customers to rent a vehicle on their debit cards and this has resulted in many headaches for those who do not have a credit card handy.One of the major problems that debit card holders run into is the way in which the company does multiple holds on your card. Many times when this is done on a debit card it actually can result in temporary holding more than the balance on your account and if you are planning on using this card to get cash while on holiday you may find that the money very simply isn’t available which sends travelers into high panic mode.Another problem is that some companies are asking for additional documents for those who want to book their rental car on a debit card instead of a credit card. Some are even requiring pay stubs and utility bills to verify that you are.The only way to really be prepared for any problems you may face is to tell the company when you are making your reservation with that you plan to use a debit card and not a credit card to book your rental and pay for this. In most cases, they will be able to keep amounts differently so as not to tie up all your money and that will also let you know in advance if there are additional documents that they will need to draw up the rental on your card credit.In any event if you find that the company is struggling with the idea of renting you a vehicle on your debit card and that is your only form of card to put it on, don’t stress. There are many rental companies out there that will be more than happy to have you pay for your rental with your debit card.When shopping around with your debit card be sure to let them know about your intent to pay with your card and you will have a much better rental experience and if the first company you approach gives you a hard time just be sure to call around. You will find a company that is happy to have your business debit card and all.

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