How to get a yellow CSCS Card

The Yellow CSCS card is an electronic card that carries all information related to the candidate and has to be produced by the candidate at the time of identification verification.

Yellow CSCS card is a type of card that is issued by the authorities for individuals on a personal basis. In order to avail of this particular card, individuals may have to place their request via filling in the simple application form. Some conditions have to be met by the candidate before he or she can get this card.

As per the local governing authorities, the candidate who wishes to apply for the CSCS card, he has to appear for the test. This test is conducted by the Environment and health or safety authorities. To be eligible for the application process, the candidate is expected to pass the above mentioned test with a passing score.The card is then issued for the candidates who are designated as Site visitors. 

How to apply for the yellow card?

Getting the Yellow CSCS card is not a difficult task as long as you are following legal procedures. The card is meant to be issued by the authorities with an aim to maintain the best security and safety measures.

Once the candidate is eligible then and only then will he be able to apply for the valid card by the authorities. In case any one of the conditions is not met then getting this card may not be possible.

If all above mentioned criteria have been met, then you can make your request for completing the registration process.

Online and offline procedure for application

It is possible for any eligible candidate to make his application request via online as well as offline platforms. In order to apply for the card online, it is important for you to make the application only via CSCS official web portal services.

An offline application can also be made by the candidates via telephone. The candidate is expected to collect the toll free number from the official website and then contact the respective department.

Verification process

Once the applicant has decided to apply for the CSCS card, it is obvious that he may have to apply for the verification process to be completed. During this procedure, all documents that are submitted by the applicant will be verified for authentication by the authorities. This step is mandatory so the authorities are sure that only eligible candidates are applying for the card.

At the time of verification, the applicant will have to undertake the written test along with the consultation session for the respective occupation or post.

Does the test cost any money?

It is certain that just like any other proficiency test, the CSCS test is also paid. To ensure that only eligible candidates are testedFeature Articles, the system has designed test in exchange for a small amount of registration fee. 

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