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For any business to be successful, a dedicated communication system is essential. It is profitable for any budding establishment to invest in such a phone system. Small business phone systems are high quality communication products on which SOHO companies can totally rely on. One can choose a phone service based on several factors such as the number of extensions required, cost, ease of use, flexibility and other relevant aspects. With small business telephone systems, as many extensions as required can be taken from a single phone line.  The common features provided in a hosted PBX system are auto attendant, virtual receptionist, caller ID, find me follow me call forwarding, call transfer, call screening, music on hold, voicemail, fax to email and so on. Among these, the find me follow me call forwarding facility is a unique feature present only in virtual VoIP PBX systems. The small business phone systems with all innovative features are definitely state-of-the-art communication products.  You can receive official calls when you are away from the office by programming the system with a list of alternate numbers through which you can be reached. The calls to the specific extension will be routed to the alternate numbers which can be a cell phone number or residence phone number. Calls that are not attended are forwarded to the voicemail system. One can have a global business reach through virtual phone numbers offered by the hosted PBX phone service providers. And if one has existing local and toll free numbers, the small business phone systems can be connected to them. One can avoid establishing new branch offices in their favored locations and save on huge overheads with the aid of these virtual numbers. You can relocate to a new place without having to publish new telephone numbers. Your caller will still be able to contact you through these virtual phone numbers. The service providers usually charge only a reasonable monthly service fee for the hosted PBX phone service. When employing the virtual PBX phone service, there is no need to purchase or install any equipment. All the hardware is maintained at the supplier’s site itself. Owing to its high scalability, the communication lines and extensions can be extended as and when required.

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AccessDirect is a leading service provider of small business Hosted PBX systems. We provide complete small business phone systems, including: voice mail, toll-free and local phone numbers, and fax-to-email service. Since 1997, AccessDirect has brought affordable, hosted PBX services to small businesses across the country.
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