A stuffed animal is a great toy

Children show their feelings by playing with stuffed animal collections and learn to sing and repeat songs. They also share their toys and play with their playmates. After 3 years the child begins to be more autonomous and self-sufficient. The friends and the school are part of their day to day and their motor skills and cognitive communicating are improving considerably.

Stuffed toys are really cool since they even promote cognitive development of attention, creativity, analytical skills and reasoning, language, etc. You have to buy the best stuffed animal that allows them to develop creativity and social skills. At this age children have great capacity to retain and store information of interest. The right toys can stimulate this ability to learn a lot without much effort.

– Take confidence in his motor skills.

– Encourage verbal and written communication.

– Differentiate laterality.

– Increase attention span.

At this age parents cannot get the attention of a child for more than 15-20 minutes. Some stuffed animal can be quite interesting. Modeling and manipulating materials with their hands can bring plenty of benefits. In addition, stuffed toys allow them to begin acquiring the concept of empathy. From 3 years old have to overcome being self-centered, although it is difficult to be able to take the place of others, it is necessary to place them in settings that enable them to understand the concept of empathy. Furthermore, a good stuffed animal will help the kid to:

– Be creative: At this age it is important to be able to invent or imagine situations and stories.

– Confirm their body awareness: They know some parts of his body, but this knowledge should record and knowing how to relate to each other.

– Understand simple terms.

– Encourage fine motor skills.

– Be neat and careful with everything: Children must learn to take good care of things and then turn and collect. The toys that come with boxes for collection help get these habits.


Thanks to a stuffed animal, children are able to share and respect standards in their play with other children. Group games and rules are made for improvement in their social relationships. You have to buy games that enable them to understand the different parts of the day, three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dinner), different times, days of week, time concepts as late and earlyBusiness Management Articles, early and late before and after.

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