Basics of Setting up and Running a Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor

First things first, like with all power tools, it is critical that you pay close attention to the provided safety guidelines and instructions. When followed, your new Campbell Hausfeld air compressor can be expected to serve you faithfully, and without incident, for a very long time. Basic maintenance and care is the word of the day.

A Campbell Hausfeld air compressor operates on a standard household circuit and are wired to be properly grounded. The electric motor has a built-in overload switch that will shut the motor off should the an overload condition occur. The overload switch can be reset by pushing the red button. It is recommended that, rather than using an extension cord to reach further away from the compressor, you use a longer (or additional) air hose instead.

Any tube, pipe, or hose piping that you use with your new Campbell Hausfeld air compressor should have a PSI rating higher than 150 psi. There are recommended minimum hose sizes. Up to 50 foot lengths you should use 1/2 inch. Greater than 50 feet requires the use of a 3/4 inch. Larger diameter pipe is always better than smaller.

Lubrication is required on many of these compressors. Some models come pre-loaded with oil, and other models require you to add the needed lubricant. Most models come with a plug in the oil fill that has to be removed. After filling to the proper level, install the breather that is included. Use SAE 30 industrial grade air compressor oil or full synthetic motor oil such as Mobil 1 10W-30. Do not use regular motor oil like 10W-30 because additives in regular oil can cause valve deposits and reduce pump life.

There is a break-in period for the Campbell Hausfeld air compressor. First, allow it to run 30 minutes continuously so that the piston rings can seat properly. Next, open tank drain valve and turn the regulator valve all the way clockwise. Do not install a coupler or air hose in the outlet port. Plug the unit in, turn the pressure switch to the auto position and run for 30 minutes to break in the pump parts. For maximum pump life, drain and replace oil after the first hour of run time.

Well, that’s pretty much it. Like many compressors, the Campbell Hausfeld air compressor is simple to run. It is a great piece of equipment that is very useful either at home or on the job. Thankfully, you can find units to suit nearly any need. Whether you are just filling bike tires and blowing off the driveway, or are running sprayers and grindersHealth Fitness Articles, a Campbell Hausfeld air compressor is a great way to go.

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