Direct Deposit Credit Card


You can save hundreds of dollars a year on check cashing fees simply by using a direct deposit credit card. This is a prepaid card issued as a MasterCard or Visa.You must fill out a form and give this to the payroll department of your employer to use direct deposit. From then on your checks will be deposited into your account.You will still be issued a paystub for you personal records. This will show you how many hours you worked and how much was taken out of you check for taxes.You can access your account and check the balance online and see recent card activity. You can direct deposit payroll checks, pension and retirement checks, social security, government checks and more.Then you can use your card to make purchases. This prepaid debit card will be accepted online and over the phone.You can use this card to make hotel reservations and rent a car. Cash can be accessed through ATM machines just like a check card.Another free service with this card is bill pay. With bill pay you log into your account and write a check to a company. Then a real physical check is sent from your account to pay your electric, cable, water bill. You will no longer have to buy money orders.This card also offers free credit builder. This is a service that will make a record of the payments you make using bill pay and report that information to a credit reporting agency. This can be used to show future creditors your credit worthiness.These cards give guaranteed approval. There is no credit check or chex systems verification. This card is just like a checking account.There will never be any late fees, over the credit fees, or overdraft charges. You also can have free activation when you sign up with direct deposit.You will still be approved if you have bad credit or if you are in chex systems. This is just like a second chance checking account. We suggest you stop paying check cashing fees and buying money orders and get a direct deposit prepaid credit card.

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