How To View Credit Report History Online


There is a lot more to worry about in today’s financial world than ever before. We have gone from times where your word and handshake meant everything to the current day where your credit score means everything. The only way to ensure that your score is correct and there is no false information clouding your name, is to view credit report history for your social security number online.Just checking your name is even not good enough today. This is because there may be alias names listed for you on your credit report that you have never legally gone by. This is because advertisers and creditors may get your name wrong and when they file that name under your social security number it becomes connected to you. That is just one reason to check your history online. You can dispute wrong names. If you think everything is handled by computers that never make mistakes these days, you may be surprised to realize that people still sit on the other end of those computers. Mistakes are made every single day and the only way to catch them and prevent them from costing you money is to check your report personally. This leads to the main point of this article. How do you go about checking your own credit report? It is actually easier than you might imagine, since you are legally entitled to a free copy of your report each year from all three reporting credit agencies. You can read all three at once or you can get one and look at the others three or four months later. Both of these options are flawed. If you spread your viewing of the three reports across the year, you may miss something that only shows up one of the reports. Most people do have differences between reports because some businesses may not report to all three collecting agencies. You will miss something that could be important if you spread them out. If you check them all three once a year, you leave your most vital information unmonitored for a year at a time. This is not safe. Is there a reasonable solution? You don’t want to continually pay to view your credit report, so the best way to fix this issue is to sign up for a service that will give constant access to all of your information for a very small fee. You may even want to sign up for services that will watch your accounts closely and notify you in the event someone pulls your credit or tries to use your name or social security number.

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