Top 10 Ways To Get More Prospects Excited About What You Sell

Your advertising
copywriting needs to work hard to build up excitement and enthusiasm for your
products or services. So much excitement that your prospects can hardly wait to
whip out their credit card and buy what you sell. Try these top 10 ways to get
more prospects excited about what you sell.

you want to increase your sales then you must get your prospect really excited
about your offer.  Not just your product
or service but the whole package of benefits they’ll receive by being your customer.  There’s a whole bunch of ideas you could use
that, added together will mean they can hardly wait to whip out their credit
and buy from you.

Try these top 10
ways to get more prospects excited about
what you sell


Load your copy
with benefits that meet the needs of your prospects.  Turn your features into benefits and pack
them throughout your copy. Write your benefits in What’s-in-it-for-me-terms
(WIIFM) to get people excited about buying what you are offering.

that reads just like you speak


good tip here is to write in a conversational tone – just like you are speaking
to an individual. In fact it’s a good idea to visualize somebody right in front
of you, sitting in a chair, and you’re talking to them. Who is that person? And
what is it that you are saying to them? Write in that tone and it will read
like an interesting 2-way dialogue.

3.    Frustration-ending copy

Empathise with your reader’s frustration and let
them know you not only understand their frustration but have a solution to
their problem.

tour of your product or service

Take your prospect
on a “tour” through your company and showcase your operation and
personnel. Or demonstrate your product or service. Include audio and video to
make a really exciting connection.

how other people have fared using your product or service


Show your prospect how other people are
getting the results they are looking to get. It’s proof that it works and gives
confidence that “if it works for them, it’ll work for me”. So that’s
exciting. You can use testimonials or case studies or just tell a story and for
the most impact use pictures, audio or video to showcase real people. 

offer backed up by “reason why” copy


Offer so much value that your prospect must take advantage of it or feel silly
if they don’t! You could offer bonuses that cost you very little to create such
as free relevant reports, interviews
or e-books with high perceived value. Or team up with a non-competing business
and get an introductory voucher to their services to gift to your clients.
Remember to place a dollar value on each item so that combinedFree Reprint Articles, they add up to
and exciting and irresistible offer.

prospects imagine what it would be like to own what you sell


Paint a picture. Help prospects imagine
their ideal “fill-in-the-blank”. 
Walk them

through their day. What gets to change
for them when they own and use your product or service?  



This is another technique where you
paint a picture. Start with the problem they are experiencing right now that
you can solve. Then describe how using your product or service will transport
them from where they are – stuck with that problem – to how it will be for them
down the track when that’s all behind them.

the emotion of your product or service


We all know that people buy on emotion
– so make sure you’re selling on emotion. Enter the conversation where your
prospect is at. Tap into how they feel about the problem you are going to solve
and stir up that emotion. Then deliver your solution.

prospects how they will look and feel in front of their friends  and family


Think of the last time you bought a new
car…did you want to show it off? We all want to impress – it’s human nature. So
remind your prospects how they will look and feel in front of their friends and
family when they buy and use your product or service.



So put some or all of these ideas into
your advertising and I guarantee you that people will be much more excited
about what you have to offer. Once you’ve got them excited you can get them to
want to respond and take action.

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