Why This Is The Best Year Ever to Shop AND Sell OnLine

Internet shopping has been a fad for many. They tried it one year with
minimal success and major headaches and stayed away from it ever since.
There have been credit card scams, delayed deliveries, and confusion
over orders.

But not this year.

E-Tailers are better prepared than ever to make your online holiday
shopping fast, easy, and hassle free. Online security is better than
ever. Retailers are offering super buys and deals like never before.
Sites like http://www.clearancecrazy.com make it fast and simple to find
the best deals. Retailers like eToys are sending email alerts to
consumers every time they put items on sale. And consumers are learning
quickly how to best utilize the internet for their holiday shopping.

So not only is this a great year for consumers, but for retailers as
well. The following are great ways to increase sales and develop loyal

* Run sales, offer email alerts, and invite site visitors to sign up for
your mailing list. Make shopping at your e-site easy and fun. Brick
and mortar retailers burn holiday fragrance candles and offer cookies
and apple cider. Give your shoppers holiday music, decorated sites, and
great buys.

* Advertise. Advertise. Advertise. Purchase classified and banner
advertising on sites that give visitors holiday shopping
recommendations. Advertise specific products or services in ezines that
reach your niche market. Participate in joint campaigns with other
sites. If you are a reseller for someone else, find out if you have
co-op advertising dollars available.

* Attain and maintain high rankings in the search engines. This is
always important, but never so important as during the busiest shopping
season of the year. If you are not good at this, and many people
aren’t, retain the services of a site promotion specialist like
http://www.successpromotions.com. And make sure your site is search
engine ready.

* Advertise via email to all your past clients, your leads, and
everyone on your mailing list. You should be doing this regularly, but
now it is more important than ever. Consumers are very savvy and they
will go where they get the most bang for their buck AND where they get
the best customer service.

* Don’t oversell. Know in advance what your Christmas delivery
ordering deadline must be to guarantee delivery and stick to it.

* Offer shipping alternatives that alleviate the Antrax scare. The US
Postal Service cannot protect us from all evils. And this year, people
are more interested in germ free delivery than they are saving money on

Friday, November 24Computer Technology Articles, 2001 marks the beginning of the holiday shopping
frenzy. Make sure you get your share of the market. Because this is
the best year ever to shop and to sell online.

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