Choose The Best Business Card For Your Business

A business card is representative of a business. It shows the customers who they are dealing with. A business card has to be impressive in order to create a long-lasting impression on the customers and dealers

Hence deciding on which design is perfect for the business card is very important.

An unswerving printing service eases the task of deciding on designs as they bring across a range of designs in the business cards. Their motto is to make the customer present the best image of themselves via the business card. So, it is extremely important to choose the best among the designs and also based on what quality of the business card is required.

Spot UV Gloss Business Cards

These business cards are made to stand out and are uniquely designed. The feature of Spot Gloss allows the application of layering of high gloss to any parts of the business card chosen. The Spot UV Gloss is usually applied in the title or the logo to enhance the richness and bring notice to the name. The business cards with Spot UV Gloss creates a great impression as they create a super cool impression with the extra layer of dimension. So, get in touch with a professional printing service now as it makes quick work and promises delivery of as much as 500 to 10,000 number of cards within two to four business days.

Here’s a tip on how to setup UV Files when placing an order:

The one thing that should be done, when setting up files for business card in Spot UV Gloss, is to create an additional file in solid black and white. The layer of gloss will be applied to the areas marked in black. The areas in white will be kept matte itself.

Another important suggestion is that it is better to avoid selecting fonts which look thin or any shadow font. When designing the business card with Spot UV, it is better to choose large fonts since a larger area, and darker colors look more distinguishing in their character. Also, it is advised to use silk 17pt paper for printing the business card.

Black Edge Business Cards

Also known as the Three Layer business card, these are the thickest among the business cards produced by any printing industry. The Black Edge business cards use the 32pt card stock which is an ultra-thick quality material for printing. It does not have a smooth finished coat. Instead, it sports an uncoated rough finish. It does not have the option of keeping a glossy finish either.

It is suggested that the designs on this Three Layer business card is kept minimal for getting the best results in print quality especially in this type of thick material. Due to the rough texture of the uncoated surface, the ink seeps deeper, and it gives an impressive looks for solid color shapes and texts.

Usually, these type of Three Layer business cards is used by the fancy hotels like Ritz Carlton, or the Interior Decorators or the Graphic Designers etc.

The Black Edge business cards create a classyArticle Search, dominant and lasting

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