Top Factors to consider while developing an eCommerce website

This is a tutorial style article which will discuss the core factors and considerations for the developer while developing Ecommerce website and how ignoring them could affect the site’s performance.

Online shopping is booming. People today prefer to shop through websites or applications than visiting brick and mortar stores. As part of this, many retail companies, from startups to large enterprises, are turning towards building eCommerce websites. It enables sellers to provide 24×7 services and buyers to get products as per their convenience.

A buyer experience affects the most in the success or failure of an eCommerce store. However, developers sometimes miss considering essential factors while building an eCommerce website, which leads to poor site performance and missing out potential sales opportunities.

Let us look at the top factors that you, as a developer, should consider while developing an eCommerce website.

Shoppers today use different devices, such as desktop, mobile, tablets, and more, for making purchases. If the site is not mobile optimized, then the business may lose potential customers from these platforms.

Therefore, the first goal of developing an eCommerce website should be to make it responsive across platforms. Whichever CMS you use, make sure to keep mobile users in mind for every aspect of the site, from product search to checkout, and more.

If your website does not have a clear navigation structure and a simplified search box, there are chances that the user would go back to search results and visit another online store.

You should implement a smooth, clear navigation structure on the eCommerce website. Use meaningful labels for products, categories, and subcategories. Besides, you can offer an autocomplete search feature to help customers find their desired products quickly from the search bar.

According to a study, 70% of buyers admit that the page loading speed affects their willingness to purchase from an online store. That means if your developed website has loading time issues, your site visitors are more likely to move on to another platform.

Optimize the website performance to run it as fast as possible. You can combine the JavaScript and CSS files of the website into a single file. It improves site speed by reducing the downloading time of these files. Also, use compressed images and caching to reduce the page load time significantly.

Many customers like to purchase products without filling up the lengthy signup forms. If they do not find a guest checkout option on the site, they may move toward other online stores to buy items.

Provide the option of quick and easy guest checkout while developing the website. Keep an opportunity to ask them to store their shipping details for future purchases. This feature helps build the trust of the customers on the site and increase conversion rates.

Every eCommerce website should support SSL encryption. It encrypts the information that the user enters on the site and keeps it secure. While it is not the only security measure, it is essential to secure the customer information and build their trust. If the website has security concerns, users will avoid purchasing through it.

Implement SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate as well as HTTPS encryption standard on the website. Also, do not store the customer’s credit card information in the website database. Keep their shipping information and contact details only. It helps to maintain the confidential data secure from cyber-attacks.

Apart from this, eCommerce developers should also keep the below factors in mind while developing a website:

How to create an efficient eCommerce website

From optimization to performance, you need to ponder many factors to build a robust shopping website. If you are beginning your career as an eCommerce developer or a student, who wants to get hands-on experience in the online store development, then it is recommended to opt for the right eCommerce training course. It can assist you in clearing your concepts about designing and developing a customer-centric eCommerce solution.


Ecommerce has changed the way retail businesses operate. As part of this, a well-built, user-centric website plays a vital role in increasing the organization’s revenue. Consider the factors mentioned above to build an excellent eCommerce website that provides higher conversion rates, improves branding, increases customer retentionFind Article, and boosts sales.





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