Leading Chase Credit Cards Have Real Benefits for Those Who Qualify


Credit cards are synonymous with many stories of financial woes. For this reason, card issuers take steps to ensure the card holders are responsible enough not to overspend. Even for leading Chase credit cards, for example, there is a need to qualify for them.It might seem a little unfair to those of us who are financially responsible, but the conditions are such that applicants with a good credit history are likely to be given the green light anyway. It means they are rewarded with competitively low interest rates, and a range of discounts and incentives.So, before applying for a Chase credit card, it is important to check your status to know if qualification is likely. Even with most popular cards, it is important to do so.Chase Platinum CardAmongst the leading Chase credit cards on offer is the Platinum card, which is designed for the experienced card holder. The reason is that the terms are not perfect for a beginner, despite the 12-month introductory offer of 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers.In fact, the introductory offer can be effectively taken away. Card issuers are interested in the credit history of their applicants, and while those deemed to be a slight risk can see low interest rates replaced by higher ones, if a credit score is low enough then the introductory offer can be cut to 3 months.Thankfully, the rewards are not affected. With 1 point earned for every dollar spent using the card, a range of gift certificates and travel discounts can be accessed. And, this Chase credit card entitles the holder to travel insurance worth $500,000.Chase Travel Platinum CardThe benefits of having this leading Chase credit card is that holders earn 1 travel mile for every dollar spent. The idea is that travel options become wider, with more than 250 airlines, cruise companies and car rental services allowing holders to redeem the points with them. Hotels also participate in the scheme.As well as competitively low interest rates generally, there is an introductory offer of 0% APR on purchases and when balances are transferred. However, once the introductory period is over – the period is 12 months – a rate of 13.99% is charged, and an annual fee of $29 exists even with the introductory offer.This choice of Chase credit card is suited to frequent fliers, whether for private or business purposes. With enough travel miles clocked up, a good vacation can be take for a knockdown price, making all the previous traveling well worth the effort.Chase Platinum Flexible Rewards CardFinally, the flexible rewards card is also one of the leading Chase credit cards, and there can be little surprise with that, given the fact no annual fees are charged and no APR is charged for the first 12 months.What is more, the first purchase made with the credit card will earn 1,000 points immediately, giving a boost to any early discount targets. These points are redeemable through travel, hotel, dining and gift card programs amongst participating brands. They can even be redeemed for cash, allowing those little extras to become affordable.However, the APR charge of 13.99% is the closest to a low interest rate once the introductory period is over, and to even qualify for this Chase credit card, it is necessary for the applicant to prove they have a good credit rating.

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