VoIP services – money saving tips

Avoid toll charges

Using VoIP service instead of ordinary telephone lines can help you to avoid the tolls charged by traditional telephone companies which utilize the standard public switched telephone network.

Lower tax charges

Since VoIP uses broadband internet connection for transferring data, customers need not have to pay Federal USF and FCC Line Charges. The customers have to pay only low Federal Excise Tax.

No additional regulatory fees

If you are using traditional telephone lines you need to pay other regulatory fees in addition to the normal leasing fees. By using VoIP service you can save all these regulatory fee amounts.

No additional charges for calling features

By using a VoIP service you need not have to pay additional fee for more calling features, such as call transfer, voicemail, or call forwarding.

Eliminate the cost for changing the network

VoIP service helps the customers to eliminate the cost for changing the network. That is, under the traditional circuit switched telephony system, when an employee is moved to a new office or a new employee is hired and had to be included in the existing network, the employer need to hire expensive technicians to make the necessary modifications (such as changing the network address, port numbers, etc) in the network. But with VoIP phone system, which comes with intuitive intelligenceFind Article, devices such as computers and phones know where they are: you can easily shift them to your new office and it will automatically connect to the new network.

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