Citibank Credit Card

Citi credit cards are an excellent alternative for cash, especially
for college students as they may not be able to efficiently carry
around loose cash.

Benefits of Citibank Credit Card for College Students

College students can avail lucrative deals on Citibank credit cards, which include:

Some Citibank student card also offers ‘Thank You’ points on maintaining a good GPA.

Citibank Credit Card: Options for Students

There are six different versions of Citibank credit cards for students:

Citi Forward SM: It enables a student to earn 6000 ‘Thank You’
points, provided s/he makes purchases worth $250 with the card within
the first three months of obtaining it. Other rewarding systems with
this card include:

Citi Platinum Select Visa Card: Also, offered with MasterCard, this
card is best suited for college students who have a poor credit history
and/or want to build a good credit history. The card does not have any
minimum income requirement and the student need not approach a cosigner.

Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa Card:  A cash back card, it
enables to earn up to 5% discount on qualifying transactions, including
gas refills and utility payments. Other purchases and transactions earn
2% cash back. This card is also offered with MasterCard.

Citi mtvUTM Platinum Select Visa Card: A card that rewards your
dedication towards studies, you can present your GPA report to earn
‘Thank You’ points. It comes with an APR of 16.24% after the expiration
of the exemption period.

Therefore, by offering different Citibank credit card variants to college studentsScience Articles, Citibank enables them to control their credit according to their needs.

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