Job Description of Janitorial Services


Janitorial services and this job are necessary for any kind of office. Hygiene and cleanliness is necessary for daily life to make is calm and beautiful. Here you will see complete description of janitorial services job that what is it? What kind of task professional of this job perform and many more. If you will not perform cleaning of your office on your own and until you will not give this task to your trustful employee, you have to hire a professional who has experience in janitorial services. These professional are also famous as building custodians because they look after all aspects and necessary things, which are compulsory for cleanliness of a residential or office building. When these professional are performing cleaning at terrace at one time they can immediately go to floor for cleaning purposes. Below you will see all job descriptions of janitorial services, which will help you a lot to hire a professional according to these descriptions, or if you are performing these services on your own, you will be able to perform in nice manner.With the help of these descriptions individual, who want to choose this profession can get help as well. When these professionals perform their services in a hotel, it not only increases attraction of their job but they are actually providing a memorable environment to people who are residing here in hotel. Besides this, janitors also work on contract bases where they perform other cleaning services in offices and all other residential buildings. If you pick classified page of any newspaper you will observe that there are many janitorial jobs available in different offices, commercial shops, and residential buildings. Therefore, people who want to become janitor or they have experience of office boy, it is necessary for these individuals to know duties, which they have to perform during janitorial services. These duties are as follows. • They have to keep all kind of buildings like offices, hotels, and private apartments tidy and clean. • They have to make ensure that cool or hot water is available to all tenants in building, all those people who are residents of the building and all office members according to their requirements.• They have to clean and sweep floors, stairways, and terrace of the office and other buildings and they have to perform all those steps, which are necessary for the cleaning of building and office. • They have to use insecticides to prevent infestation of insects. • They have to decorate or to remove decoration of a room to provide extra space for dining, meetings, seminars and all other works similar to these. • In the season of winter, they have to remove all snow from road, sidewalks, parks, and garden of the building and office. • It is also duty of a janitor that he/she cleans fixtures, carpets, restrooms, and furniture. • These professional have to inform manager or concern person for any kind of loss for which immediate repair in necessary. • They also have to clean mirrors of windows and doors, and similar products of glass with the help of soapy water along with all necessary and safety precautions.

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