Are you looking for a reliable ACH processor that won’t squeeze your bottom line? You have come to the right place. Currently, ACH accounts are required to undergo the same stringent underwriting as credit card processing accounts, and luckily, we are able to offer affordable high risk ACH services to clients nationwide.

As a business owner, you have first-hand knowledge of your customer base; a specialty business like yours serves a unique population and fulfills a valid need and demand for services within the community. Which is why you are left shaking your head in disbelief when your financial institution, whom you have been with for years, refused to provide ACH equipment or services that are necessary to process financial transactions. At Cloud Merchant, you won’t be told your business is too high risk to support.

We are not your big bank. Years of experience helping merchants like you taught us not to rush to judgement. We look for reasons to say yes. Helping merchants labeled high risk is our specialty. Your business needs access and approval for processing ACH transactions. When you contact us, your merchant services become out priority.

Our application process is quite simple and we can have you up and processing checks in under 48 hours. You simply have to fill out a pre-application, sign the pdfs we send you, and email it back to us along with a photo ID and a voided check. It’s very important that you have a business checking account setup to receive the deposits.

Once approved, you will have access to a virtual terminal to process transactions. Recurred billing? Not an issue, you will be able to put clients on monthly recurring subscriptions, modify amounts, and make any updates needed all from the same portal. Do you need to integrate it into your website so the client’s themselves can check out? We’ve got you covered, we have open api’s that will integrate into your website seamlessly. Your virtual terminal will allow you to download month-end statements, reconcile accounts, and update client info among many other capabilities. Be sure to ask your account executive what other features we offer in terms of ACH processing.

Ready to get started? Simply fill out the form to the right and one of our trained reps will reach out to you shortly to get you setup.

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